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PC-Stick series

The Rangee PC-Stick is used to convert PC into Thin Clients. The PC-Stick will remove the harddisk from your PC.

At first boot, the Rangee linux based OS will detect the hardware automatically.  All x86 based PC hardware starting from 500 MHz processors with minimum 1024 MB RAM is supported.

PC-Stick helps to join the full advantage of serverbased computing and virtual desktop infrastructure. No need to remove exisiting PC. It is the ideal solution, to maximise your benefits with low budget.

Three different models

    Processor   RAM   Flash/DOM
  Software Modules   Price
PC-Stick-LR   from 500 MHz   from 1024 MB
  512 MB   Rangee Linux   one software module
of own choice *
  60,00€ excl. VAT.
71,40€ incl. VAT.
PC-Stick-LS   from 500 MHz   from 1024 MB   512 MB   Rangee Linux   ICA, RDP, VMware View
and Mozilla Firefox
  66,00€ excl. VAT.
78,54€ incl. VAT.
PC-Stick-LX   from 500 MHz   from 1024 MB   4 GB   Rangee Linux   all available
software modules *
  84,00€ excl. VAT.
99,96€ incl. VAT.