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Rangee TCMS Thin Client Management Server
Teradici PCoiP Workstation Software
Teradici PCoIP Management Konsole


The Rangee TCMS Thin client management server is the remote management software of Rangee which is simple and containing all functions.
She is delivered on a Thin client alternatively or provided as a virtual hard disk (for ESX or Hyper-V surroundings).
The TCMS simply is attached in the network, then can search in the network and administer these about group policies after available Rangee Thin clients and PC Sticks.
He is capable of 100% WANs and also supports bequeathing functions over group limits.
The Rangee TCMS simplifies the configuration and rolling out updates, by the possibility of the "time controlled actions" the administrator doesn't have to be present once for this.
Vier Varianten

    Processor   RAM   Flash/DOM
TCMS*   Intel Atom N270   4 GB DDR2   8 GB   Rangee Linux TCMS   Thin Client Hardware   499,00€ excl.. VAT.
593,81€ incl. VAT.
  -   min 1 GB, recommended. 10 GB   Rangee Linux TCMS   *.OVA or *.VHD Image   free
TCMS-Rack   Intel Atom N270   4 GB DDR2
  8 GB   Rangee Linux TCMS   Fastening   499,00€ excl. VAT.
593,81€ incl. VAT.
  -   -
  -   Rangee Linux TCMS   *.OVA or *.VHD Image
integrated PXE Server for
Rangee Linux
  733,00€ excl. VAT.
593,81€ incl. VAT.

an image of the TCMS is also provided for a virtual machine.
Technical specifications

The TCMS appliance
The TCMS does not have to be installed, instead, you will receive a full working appliance, without any need for further hardare or software expenses. This saves time and money immediately from the start. Rangee delivers the complete system preinstalled on a high-performance Thin Client hardware. Optionally a rack-mount and virtual image can be offered. Rangee customers will love the benefits already with installation: unpack, set basis configuration and get started.
Create and distribute configuration
This task takes place in three steps:
1. The memberclient of a group will become a testclient and can be configured. It does not loose the configuration by doing a reboot.
2. When the configuration is working as planned, this Thin Client will become a masterclient and sends its configuration to the group when rebooting.
3. All memberclients of this group will get the configuration after a reboot. All actions are time-sheduled and can also be executed anattended over night.
Sheduled actions
There are various actions which can be sheduled automatically. Three modes are available:
- immediately
- one-time at a specific time (date, time)
- repeatly after a number of hours
In the action tab you can get a list of actions which are scheduled, for what time they are scheduled and which actions have been finished successfully.
100 % WAN-compatibility
The Rangee TCMS is 100 % WAN compatible. The TCMS is capable of administrating remote locations, when the client at this location is reachable via network. Actions like Wake-on-LAN (WOL) or shut down can be done automatically and sheduled. The update server (FTP or HTTP) for distributing the firmware and software can be installed in the remote office, so that the update process will have to transmitted to the distant network over a WAN line only once. Hundreds of clients in distant networks can be updated on this way without loading the WAN connection.
The data warehouse
The TCMS keeps the information in an embedded SQL database including configuration setting and configration files. Firmware- and software updates will be provided separatly via FTP or HTTP server. The data will be stored locally on the TCMS. By using a central database for all administrators for every locations, the  data is always up-to-date. For security reason, you can use the backup function, which will save the database on a network drive. In case of exchange or update of the TCMS, the latest database update will be available within a vew minutes.
Multi-dimensional transmission function
Rangee differenced two transmission functions:
- group transmission
- device transmission
With the group transmission three attributes can be transmit from a head group to a sub group: user, software and connection settings. For this transmission information there are three options: no transmission, tested transmission and automate transmission. The device transmission makes it possible to overwrite the settings from the group configuration with individual settings.
Administrator profiles
The Rangee TCMS offers a multi-user function, what makes it possible to assign different administrators to different access rights. The number of administrators is unlimited. The administrator profiles are created on the thin client and this information will be passed to the TCMS with the master configuration. The TCMS will distribute theses settings to all thin clients of that group and also to the sub group automatically.
Access rights
Every user whose profile has been saved in a group configuration on the TCMS may access. Thereby the view of the TCMS surface will be adapt to the access rights of the administrator. So it will not be possible for administrators, to operate in groups for which they do not have access rights.

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